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Yoga: I Don't Practice Every Day

I don't practice every day, or three times a week, or every Saturday. For me, yoga is not a formality. It's there when I need it, when I want to connect or if I want to lose myself. I never feel guilty if I don't practice but I always feel accomplished after finishing a session. My sessions might last 20 minutes, or they might last 1 hour. I don't schedule my practices; I go with what I need in the moment. I don't believe there is a right or wrong way to experience yoga. I have my all-time favorite poses and poses that I absolutely detest. Sometimes I need an easy session and other times I'm up for a challenge.

I've practiced yoga with others in a class setting however I really prefer to practice alone in my own space. I used to have a designated area in my house dedicated to my practice. However now I really enjoy practicing in different areas at home, indoors or outdoors depending on my mood. Yoga is personal. I love that each session is a different experience tailored to meet me wherever I am and ready to fulfill whatever need I have. Yoga practice is not intended to be a competition or comparison. My ideas are not profound. I'm just me and I hope you're inspired to just be you.

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