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Our Story

Law and I go waaaay back; all the way back to jr. high school actually. Our story goes like this...We attended the same middle school. Law noticed me in the hallway one day during a passing period. He passed me a note. We locked eyes. And the rest is history. It was love at first sight, true story. It’s been well over 30 years now and we‘re still going strong. A lot has changed since then, we’re just a little bit older, but we still love the 80s and each other!

Here’s the rest of our story...We got married in the 90s. We had two beautiful boys. Sometime later, Law joined the Army. We traveled around through the military and I homeschooled our boys. Within that time frame, I earned a B.S. in Psychology and a M.A. in Elementary Education. Then we blinked and our boys grew into adults.

Law is now finishing out his Army career and and I’m an elementary teacher. We’ve loved our experiences with the military but over a year ago we decided it was time to put down roots. Thus, our current homestead life. We are now homesteading on 3 . 5 acres. My mama homesteads on the property with us in her casita. We were lucky to find the perfect home for our family.

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