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Our Beautiful Home

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

About a year and a half ago we were contemplating our living situation and looking for some permanency. We had been considering land ownership in Texas for a long time. Then one Sunday morning, we were drinking coffee with my mama, and Law was going through his usual routine of reviewing online real estate sales when he found a new listing of particular interest. He suggested that we drive by. Thinking it couldn't hurt any, we piled into my mama's car and drove to the listing. We had a good feeling as we turned the corner and drove down the scenic road toward the property. We then drove by the house several times, gaping out the window, before finally calling the realtor's number listed on the sale sign.

Lucky for us, the realtor was enthusiastic and agreed to meet us promptly at the property. She arrived quickly, we exchanged introductions, and we entered the house. We were enamored from the start. The land was more than we had envisioned and the house was very welcoming. Even better, the property came with an additional smaller home for my mama. This property was meant for our family.

We started negotiations prior to leaving that day. As we drove away, we knew the property would soon be ours. There were never any second thoughts. We hadn't even formally looked at any other properties previous to this one, aside from the occasional drive by. This property had been listed, it seemed, just for us.

And it's been happiness ever since. We're not your typical homesteaders. We work full time jobs outside of maintaining our land. Thankfully, we had a good foundation to begin with. The previous owners had done a little heavy lifting, so that afforded us a solid head start. However, moving our land forward and continuing its progress hasn't been exactly easy. Taking care of a property of this size has required a lot of hard work and dedication.

We haven't done too much to the inside of the house aside from personalizing the rooms with our belongings and completing a few small projects. I would describe our style as informal, rustic...cozy. We have many plans for the interior, there's lots of potential, however for now most of our greater efforts have gone towards the exterior. A few of the smaller interior projects Law has completed are shown below. His talents truly know no bounds! He has revamped an old side table, re-purposed pallets to create a unique yoga stand, revamped an older electric fireplace, salvaged an old desk turning it into a buffet, revamped a clearance sale birdhouse, and re-purposed pallets to make a sturdy stand.

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