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Meet Tatey

Tatey is a rescue dog that we adopted in the summer of 2013. He was 3 1/2 when we got him. My boys (teenagers then) really wanted a dog. Law really wanted a Jack Russell. I really didn't want a puppy...so I talked my family into getting a rescue dog. We found a local shelter online, viewed their dog selection, and there he was smiling up at us from the computer screen. He was a Jack Russell so Law was happy. He was 3 1/2 already so I was happy. However, the boys weren't too keen on his picture. Grant it, though he was smiling, the picture really didn't do him justice.

The next day we went down to the shelter to meet him. We were very impressed with him from the start. He sat patiently in his cage as we toured the shelter. They wanted us to look at all the dogs before deciding on "Jack". Yes, that was his name. Jack the Jack Russell, not very original. "Jack" sat quietly watching us as we strolled past all the other dogs. Never once did he bark or whine. He then continued to be very well behaved as we took him on a supervised walk. We were sold! We filled out the paperwork, paid the fees, and made him ours. Then we changed his name to Tatey. He had been abused prior to going to the shelter so we felt that he needed a new name to go along with his new life.

Our first week with Tatey

The following week we took Tatey to a vet to get him established. Unfortunately, we discovered that he had heartworms. We called the shelter to complain about his condition. They told us to bring him back so they could euthanize him. Obviously, we couldn't do that. So we started Tatey on the painstaking arsenic treatment. We had to keep him calm for prolonged periods of time. He received shot treatments in his back then later had to take monthly pills. The shots had side effects as did the pills. He would sometimes become very sick, would sometimes foam at the mouth and have slight convulsions, and would at times become extremely lethargic. This was Tatey's introduction to us and vice versa.

Tatey is now going on 11 years old. He's been an amazing addition to our family. In his prime he was a frisbee catching, ball chasing, running/hiking companion. He's aged a lot this past year so he doesn't do nearly as much as he used to. He still hates going to the vet. His hatred for the vet is so bad in fact that we just opt to take him to the mobile vet and only as needed. He still remembers the days of his heartworm treatment and he's holding a grudge. He has some residual effects from his past medical treatment; we think this has caused him to age quicker. He also still has many quirks from his past abuse that he was never able to overcome.

I'm not sure how much time Tatey has left but I'm thinking it's not much. He has lived a full and happy life with us and he is a beloved member of our family. He is no longer the fast and hardy guy that he once was but is instead liken to a cranky old man. The thing that makes him happiest in life now is to sunbathe outside on his land. Like us, he absolutely loves our homestead. Every once in a while, when he's got the energy, he walks the deer fence line and patrols the backyard. However, more often than not you can find him asleep on the grass in full sun.

Check us out on Twitter @yvonneintexas to watch a brief video of Tatey loving life as he takes a ride on the tractor!

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