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Living the Tiny Life

My mama lives on the homestead with us in her tiny house. She's our official home cook. She can cook up a gourmet meal on a moment's notice by simply using whatever is stored in the pantry. She's the foundation of our family and also my best friend. Her house is approximately 800 square feet and her style is shabby chic with a little cottage flair. She is an avid antique browser, she always manages to find the best treasures, and she can salvage and upcycle furniture and decorative pieces like nobody's business. My mama and I used to be loyal viewers of Flea Market Flip, Fixer Upper, Tiny House Hunters, and Antiques Roadshow. We would watch the episodes together, talk about how we would do things differently, and dream up future projects for which we could put our talents to good use.

We're now living the dream. The project ideas that we once had are now coming to fruition. One of the best selling points for this property was the addition of the second smaller home, a.k.a. the casita. The original owners developed this property back in the 80s when this area was pretty much considered the middle of nowhere. They built the casita first, living in it as they developed the land and constructed the main house. Later, they used the casita as a guest house or office. When we moved here, the casita was a blank slate. It was in good condition however it had been largely ignored and needed a little TLC. So we set a timeline to get it ready and we all got to work. It took about a month to complete, given that we all work full time, and the end result was amazing!

I absolutely love visiting my mama's house. She has done wonders with her 800 square feet space. Her home is beautiful and inviting and has every necessity she requires. She has an entrance area, dining area, living room area, kitchenette, bedroom space, full closet, and full bathroom (with a shower). Her entrance area is a lovely space designed to welcome guests. Her kitchenette includes a small fridge, a tiny house microwave, a toaster oven, a hot plate, a sink, cabinets and drawers, counter space, and a mobile island. Her dining area can accommodate four guests comfortably. She has a small couch (that turns into a sleeper), two chairs, a coffee table, television, and ottomans in the living room area. Her bedroom space fits a queen sized bed, night stands, and a vanity corner. How she has managed to create such a charming space within 800 square feet, I just don't know. I'm truly in awe of my mama's design style and creativity!

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