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I Am the Present

I’ve always held an interest for my family’s history. I’m especially drawn to old photographs. I can sit forever rummaging through antique hatboxes and aged shoeboxes filled with black and white pictures of bygone years. The fading faces are complete strangers to me, but somehow, I’m drawn to them. I simply like to study their images. Some of these photos are marked with names and dates, sometimes familiar from stories I remember my grandmother telling me, however most are completely unidentifiable.

Awhile back I worked on a family tree. I was a complete amateur genealogist, but it was so very gratifying. I was able to put a few family myths to rest while also proving many truths and discovering unexpected and remarkable facts. My lineage in Texas goes way back and is documented from the pioneer times, during the days of the Lone Star Republic. Learning about my heritage strengthened my love for Texas and my ties to this land. I’m very much rooted here.

I’ve learned a lot from researching my family’s history. I neither own the mistakes nor the novel discoveries made by my ancestors. I am not defined by the past; I didn’t exist then. I do however believe that I am an evolution of the ancestry that I come from. At this point in my life, I also cannot claim to be the future. That role has been taken by my children. So at best, I’m the present. Which really, when you think about it, is the most significant time of all.

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