• Yvonne

Homesteading Done Our Way

We are empty-nesters and are both employed full time. I work as an elementary teacher while also continuing my education. Law is in the Army. We lead busy lives but we spend our downtime working on our homestead. In the near future, Law will retire from military service and we’ll have even more time to dedicate to our ongoing projects. For now, we’re completing each project one step at a time.

We’re definitely not typical homesteaders. We’re doing things a little differently as we pursue our dreams. While the idea of simple country living sounds enticing, it's really just not feasible for us. As it turns out, simple country living is pretty expensive. Also, we're both heavily invested in our careers at this point, in both time and education. Life is about balance so we've made the choice to balance our work life with our home life.

My mama homesteads on the property with us. Our lives are truly enriched with her presence here. She’s the home chef of the property and her food is absolutely amazing. She’s living the dream with us and is an essential member of our homesteading team.

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