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Get Creative with Outdoor Spaces

We've created some beautiful outdoor spaces to enjoy and admire. Our style is rustic, so we try to incorporate some of the natural resources harvested from our land within our creations. One of my absolute favorite outdoor spaces is the whimsical sitting area that Law created for my mama. He designed this space for her to sit and enjoy a morning cup of coffee or an evening glass of wine. This area of land was largely untouched prior to his build.

Land Prior to the Build

Law first prepped the area by leveling the land and then using red pavers for the foundation; he used edging pavers and large stones (dug up from our land) to re-enforce the staging area. He then framed the space with cedar logs that he chopped down from our property. We are currently working on decreasing the cedar tree population on our homestead, allowing more space for our oak trees; so, this project was a win-win opportunity. Lastly, he draped the open top with a string of large bulb lights. The sitting area is nestled under oak tress allowing for a perfect balance of shade and sunlight. The result is an inviting sitting space that looks like it was derived from a fairy tale.

Another one of my favorite outdoor spaces is our large fire pit. There had been a small-scale fire pit when we initially purchased the property however it was not really adequate for us. Law therefore recreated the fire pit building it large enough to accommodate family and friends. This space is a major hit with visitors. We've enjoyed this spot more times than I can remember. He used all natural resources for our fire pit, using large limestone harvested from our land.

A few other notable mentions for our outdoor spaces include a simple bench that Law crafted from wooden posts and cinder blocks, a sitting area with salvaged chairs and a chiminea, and an aging picnic table paired with old chairs for character.

As homesteaders, we are always working on new projects. Currently, we are building a detached deck but we're only in the beginning stages. We've been slowed down by some recent rain so we have a way to go. I'll keep you posted!

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